Several months back I was joining an international committee in organising a continuing scientific conference. Within big team, we are grouped according to abilities and aptitudes. Short story, I am responsible in managing abstract submissions, manuscripts reviewing, emailing, data sorting, website developing, and more which I'll write here. Let's start digging into organising international conference data from INTJ's perspective.

The reason I write this because I have just realised that my personality type dominantly reflects my decision. On this case about what I am going to do with data from committee perspective. I am INTJ [1] [2] which is Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Judging. This is based on personality type developed under Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. As stated there, I might be having strong intuition on particular idea even on every idea! I also kind of accurately predicting circumstances and also result oriented. So, this is what I found in organising data.

The trouble you want to avoid working with data is whenever it get bigger you will have more work in sustaining it. And I really do not like more works, especially if it contains lot of inefficiency. I think it should be well-managed, simple, transparent, super fast, efficient, modern, and easy-use.

This is second time I am registered as an international conference committee. However, only just now I am handling paper and data. This messed up circumstances (at least according to me) is unberable. Look at these lists:

  • Website have not responsively updated, hence people are instructed incorrectly on many things. For example how to write abstract by following a certain format. So, I directly cut the line of command in updating website.
  • All registrations have been stored on static database model. Administrator can not extract the data for flexible data management. No time in altering plugins. Nearly 100 abstracts have been submitted so far. I can not change the system in a split second. So, I learn and will bring huge idea for next year.
  • The registration data can only be acquired through google email. This is super lame. There are nearly 100 submitted abstracts, as internal editors we must recap it manually. My half-baked solution is printing all mails into PDFs, then compiling it into a single PDF file. My team now can examine the abstract metadata offline, no need opening email on its complicated interface.
  • Website is very slow since it full of plugins, also it is wordpress-based content management system. Conference website should not use blog platform in serving registrations and paper submissions. We must reconsider the effectiveness of working time in team. No permanent solution for now, I will propose to committee to purchase dedicated content management system for conferencing next year.
  • Our team works very hard on menial labor chores, such as copying title texts from either PDF or Word into Excel about hundred times. Nobody care in committee, I already knew it. As INTJ it seems I am the only person who can see it through. Why in the world are we still doing it? I have no permanent solution on this because of time restriction on implementing the way out.
  • Website is not both easy use and support user-experience design. According to INTJ, I always value more on how system can be implemented and experienced by users. My brain run unlimited-continuous simulations to assess the effectiveness of user-experience design.

We now live in the 4th industrial revolution, it means beyond networking, automation, and digitalisasion. Old people remain working on printed papers. We really should renew in the way we organising data. We live with data everyday. Bigger data not only will fill up your storage, it also makes your team experience more and more exhausted with unnecessary jobs.

So organising international conference data from INTJ's perspective should be effective and support multi-perspective approaches.

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